Shipping and payment information

Shipping information

Your order will be shipped as a registered letter via Hungarian National Post. Ordered items are packed in gift boxes, protected by a padded envelope in order to receive an undamaged product. Ordered items are shipped within 7 working days.

Orders are shipped worldwide. Once your jewelry is shipped, you will receive a confirmation email including all the necessary information such as the package identification number.

Shipping fees:

Basic postal fee as a letter: 600 HUF
Basic postal fee as a package:
To Hungary: 1500 HUF
To other countries: 1800 HUF

Estimated delivery time:
Within Hungary: 2-3 working days
International shipping: 4-5 working days

Please make sure that your correct delivery address is provided. If your package is sent back to us with such reasons as ‘unknown recipient’ or ‘the recipient has not taken over the package’, postal fees will be charged again, and at this time the previously mentioned repeated fees would not be refunded by us in case of money refund request.

We are able to take responsibility only for the date of shipping. We do not take responsibility for the deadline of shipping and for lost packages. Once the shipping is effective, Magyar Posta Zrt. (Hungarian National Post) delivers the package according to its own delivery laws and business policy. It is your responsibility to open and check precisely your package in front of the deliverer and to take an official cognizance of the package in case of damage or other complaint. We only accept posterior complaint when official postal record of the package is filled and included.

In case of international shipping outside of the European Union, additional shipping costs, such as duties, taxes and custom fees are payed by the buyer.

We do not take responsibility if your provided delivery address is incorrect, thus the delivery is unsuccessful. In this case, we will send you an email within 5 working days and ask you to provide the correct delivery address. If you provide the correct delivery address and ask for the repeated delivery, you are responsible to provide a response to our email and to transfer the fee of the repeated delivery at the same time.

Payment information

We must receive payment in full for the price of goods that you order. All payment for products must be made before the products are delivered. The following payment methods are available:

Credit card: by bank transfer in advance
Further information for bank transfer in advance:
If you choose the bank transfer payment method, a confirmation email will be sent for you with the following data:

Bank account number: 11773315-01600397-00000000
Owner of bank account: Gajcsi Blanka Emese e.v.
Name of Bank: Sberbank Magyarország Zrt.
Address of Bank: 7621, Pécs Király utca 66.
IBAN: HU24 1177 3315 0160 0397 0000 0000

Fees of international bank transfer are the responsibility of the customer.
While initiating a bank transfer process, please include the order identification number in the comment part. Once we receive your payment, delivery will start.
You will have 3 working days after receiving an automatic confirmation email to transfer the entire price of your ordered item to the given bank account number. Beyond 3 working days, the ordered jewelry will not be reserved for you and your order will be cancelled.